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Choose a bunch of books, and we'll guess your star sign

Oh yes, we’re back with another astrology post. This time, we put ourselves to the test by guessing your star sign based on books you choose. Do you read books similar to your sign? Let’s find out!

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15 Illustrated Covers to Lust Over, Because Holy Cow, They're Pretty

I definitely recommend you check out all of these illustrators and designers. Without their beautiful work and dedication, we would not have the stunning covers we do and the world would be a little less magic. “Design and illustration are underappreciated art forms” is the hill I will die on. Watch me.

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The Bold Type Characters as Book Characters

If you’re not watching The Bold Type on Freeform, then you’re missing out on some seriously A+ content. It follows Jane, Kat, and Sutton, who all work at Scarlet, a global women’s magazine, and their nuanced and intersectional lives. Of course, as someone who has books on their mind 24/7, I couldn’t help but to relate the characters from the show to characters from our books.

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NOVL at BookCon 2019

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably going to BookCon. Or maybe you’re just here to see what’s going on in the LBYR booth so you can be there in spirit. Either way, hello! BookCon is quickly approaching (8 days!), so it’s time for you to figure out a game plan. Some of you really have plans in the form of football plays, and it really shows. To help you with that, I present to you the BookCon schedule for LBYR and NOVL! I can’t wait to see you all there—please be sure to stop by and say hi!

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Read to Resist with Samira Ahmed, author of Internment

If you haven’t heard yet (you should’ve, though—I never shut up about this book), Internment by Samira Ahmed comes out in exactly a month! We had the pleasure of hearing Samira introduce her novel in person, but we want the world to hear and see her words, so we filmed it just for you. Bonus: her ARC letter because she is such an inspiring and stunning writer.

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The January 2019 NOVLBox!

Happy 2019, NOVLers! 🎉🎉🎉 We’re that much closer to all those 2019 book releases you’ve been oh-so-patiently waiting for.

In the meantime, to continue to tide you over, I’m here to introduce our next NOVLbox curator. We are so excited for her absolutely engrossing sophomore novel that we NEED someone else to talk to about it with…

This month’s curator is Samira Ahmed, author of Internment and Love, Hate & Other Filters!

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