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Cover Reveal Roundup: Spring + Summer 2020

The thing about publishing is that we’re either thinking in the moment or 6 months ahead. There’s not really an in-between, so we’re revealing covers for next Spring and Summer as the current season closes, which leaves me confused as to what year or planet I’m even on. BUT, the fun part is that I get to show everyone all these wonderful covers that our talented designers created for the incredible books that our lovely authors wrote.

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9 Lineages of Royalty, Definitively Ranked

Who gave me the authority to definitively rank YA royal houses? Good question. No one. I have no authority. But when has that ever stopped me? So here I am, sending my opinions on YA royal houses into the ether, simply because I can.

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Cover Reveal: The Winter Duke by Claire Eliza Bartlett

Claire Eliza Bartlett, the brilliant author behind the badass We Rule the Night, is coming out with her next fantasy novel in March 2020! It’s about Ekata, who inherits the title of duke in one single night when her entire family is poisoned, leaving her the only one able to rule over Kylma Above. She gets thrown into diplomacy, war, love, and she must figure out how to wield this power to ensure that Kylma Above survives. It’s part Sleeping Beauty, part Anastasia, tossed together with political intrigue.

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