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9 Lineages of Royalty, Definitively Ranked

Who gave me the authority to definitively rank YA royal houses? Good question. No one. I have no authority. But when has that ever stopped me? So here I am, sending my opinions on YA royal houses into the ether, simply because I can.

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7 Audiobooks That Will Fill Your Ears with Heavenly Sounds

I don’t know about you, but I am an audiobook fiend. I love audiobooks! I listen to them while I do chores or on my commute. Honestly, I kind of wish I had gotten into them earlier. My morning drive to and from school could have been so much more productive! Whether you like to listen to audiobooks regularly or are looking to get into them, here are some of the best audiobooks to fill your ears with amazing sounds.

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5 Characters Who Need to Be Cancelled

Often in my favorite books, I have a healthy HATRED for the villains. Whether they’re lunchroom bullies or all-powerful dictators, bad guys are just so much fun to despise. So here is a list of characters that just need to be straight up cancelled, so you can hate them too. Because if there anything more fun than yelling into your book at a fictional person, its yelling into your book at a fictional person with a friend.

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